Our Programs

Our Programs

Welcome 2 Reality

In early 2007, realizing the impact their compelling story could have on the youth 4 Wheel City started its “Welcome 2 Reality” program. Welcome 2 Reality consist of a motivational lecture combined with an inspiring hip hop performance to encourage students to stay in school, make responsible decisions, and stop teen violence. We make students see school as a tremendous ‘networking opportunity’ and an ‘investment into their future’. Meaning “get your diploma now and let it pay you dividends in the future”.

Welcome 2 Reality is one of several theme songs performed during 4 Wheel City presentation and is intended to encourage students to stay in school and make responsible decisions now so they can be successful in the future.

SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT: Download “Welcome 2 Reality” for $1.99


Rap Therapy

Therapy will never be the same! The artistic paraplegic hip hop duo known to world as 4 Wheel City has given birth to a new and exciting brand of therapy they are calling “Rap Therapy”. Combining a motivational lecture with an inspirational Hip Hop performance 4 Wheel City has been uplifting and capturing the hearts of audiences in Hospitals and Rehab facilities around the world.

If therapy was a ‘beat” and a ‘rhyme” it would without a doubt be an inspirational moving hip hop song entitled 4 Wheel City. “We have overcome many obstacles despite our injuries and the main reason has been our enthusiasm for our music, so if we can help someone else going through a hard time by sharing our music and experience we are more than happy to do so”, 4 Wheel City…

PRESSURE: Pressure Song is intended educate people in wheelchairs about the importance of doing pressure reliefs to avoid getting pressure sores, which can result in death. Pressure Song Is one of several songs performed during 4 Wheel City’s “Rap Therapy” presentation.

SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT: Download “Pressure” for $1.99